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* Coin Name : UniverseCredit coin
* Coin Ticker : CRD
* Algorithm : Quark
* Block type : PoS/MN
* Address prefix : c
* RPC Port : 11333
* P2P Port : 11332
* Total Coin Supply : 250000000
* Block Time : 60 Sec
* TXN confirmations : 6 blocks
* Min Stake Age : 1 Hour
Rewards : Masternode 70% & Staking 30%
* Nerwork : IPV4, IPV6, MultiMN, MultiMN-mix.
* Difficulty Retargeting : Every Block
* Coin Maturity : 60 Blocks
* Huge block reward from time to time. 
* Premined address:
* Premined TXid:  96f2a49648fd9662a8ffcb8f7ae381dd47fd0e5b 47d5490f51d90a05c0ee241e

  First reward has gone. Ten blocks with reward of 250 CRD each are waiting for you. On next blocks more marvellous rewards are ready.

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